Hardware + Software + Services = Virtualization Kickstart

All you need for virtualizing your server room


What can we offer?

We have expertise on VMware and KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) solutions. Our sysadmin team has the know-how needed for leading the transition to a full-virtualized IT infrastructure.

Nevian provides a bundle of hardware + software + services which will allow a quick transition to a virtualized server room. The bundle comprises rack systems, storage units (SAN), servers, configuration and support.

We design cost-effective solutions using first class servers and storage systems from IBM and proven virtualization technologies like VMware vSphere and vCenter.

Let us take care of configuring and optimizing the whole system so you can focus on your business.


Building your own Private Cloud

The server virtualization infrastructure can be deployed on site or using a full-featured datacenter. When the client has multiple locations, deploying the servers in a data center is usually the best option.

At Nevian we understand that our client want to take advantage of the quality of service and flexibility that Cloud Computing provides without renouncing to the confidentiality which every business requires. Our mission is that our clients do not have to give up confidentiality and security to use the Cloud.

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First-class infrastructure

We only work with data centers which operates to a Tier III standard or higher. The entire critical infrastructure is managed and monitored using highly sophisticated Building Management Systems which enable the on-site facilities management team to scrutinize all key components - from power and cooling to security and access.

  • Failsafe power supply

    The power infrastructure is designed to ensure robust resilience with no break IT power.
  • Always connected

    Access to multiple Carriers, ISPs, and Internet Exchanges is essential to ensuring business continuity and increasing network reach.
  • Intelligent cooling systems

    Customer equipment is protected in a well-managed, highly resilient environment with primary cooling infrastructure designed to N+1 and linked into Building Management Systems, in order to balance critical airflows and deliver constant temperatures and humidity.
  • Security

    Clients benefit from the knowledge there are sophisticated alarm systems, closed circuit TV surveillance and 24x7 on-site security as well as rigid access control.
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